Investment Stones quarry, processes and markets marbles from its own quarry. Marbles, granites, onyx, travertine are treated considering the phisical mechanic and the chromatic shades in order to suggest, for every project, the best solution. 
Products are chosen by our geologists situated in the different mines of the countries of origin where our partners manage the production according to the market trend. 
Our mines produce marbles blocks such as Statuario, Calacatta, White Carrara, Gioia, Bardiglio, Arabescato, Red Damasco which are processed  in our equipped workshops up to become slabs, artistic floors, tiles, wall facings, airy facades, baths and block washbasin, water jet inserts to use in settings such as kitchens, bathrooms and halls. 
Either private projects (villas, yatch, apartments) or public ones (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cruise boats, buildings) are analysed and managed in order to assure the chosen quality and the best price. 
Investment Stones guarantees the quality control on the entire supply chain, from the quarries till the finished product.

Oceanstone, group Investment stones began life in the 70’s It was founded by alfredo Castellani  whose passion for natural stone ran in the family, as did a wide experience of all the different types of stone materials.

In the early years the company worked to order supplying finished products to major US and Middle East buyers, and later specialized in the marketing of blocks, slabs and tiles for wall and floor coverings.

Over time we have enhanced and improved our internal organization and supply network, becoming a reference point among suppliers of stone materials to Manufacturers, Marble Workshops, Stone Contractors and Distributors both on the Italian market and in major international markets such as China, India, USA, Middle East and European countries.

Oceanstone / Investment stones is located in Carrara, Tuscany, at the foot of the enormous extraction site in the Apuan Alps, which is the source of the beautiful, highly sought-after, white marbles, used all over the world since ancient times.

For over thirty years, Oceanstone  has kept the legacy of this age-old tradition alive, providing excellence in supplying stone materials that rank among the most valuable and select.